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          Colgate-Palmolive's Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

          Colgate Supports the World Health Organization (WHO) #SafeHands Effort
          to help stop the spread of COVID-19

          At Colgate-Palmolive, our very purpose is to advance the health and wellness of people and pets. We recognize we have a profound responsibility – now more than ever – to help protect people. Our incredible teams around the world are working hard to support those in need and help people continue their daily routines — to brush their teeth, wash their hands, care for their skin, clean their homes, bathe and shower, and feed their pets. We are more dedicated and determined than ever.

          Making and Donating 25 Million Soap Bars to Global Agencies

          We have mobilized five of our manufacturing plants on three continents to produce the new soap, which is specially packaged with instructions on proper handwashing to amplify the World Health Organization (WHO) #SafeHands message. We’re working with partners including CARE and Save the Children to distribute the products around the globe. 

          To create greater awareness for proper handwashing, we’re promoting the #SafeHands Challenge across various media platforms and also engaging global ambassadors and influencers.


          Donating $20 Million in Health and Hygiene Products to Community-Based Organizations

          We’re  providing $20 million in health and hygiene products to community-based organizations that are  distributing the donated product to those most in need in local communities. Local Colgate teams are also supporting the most vulnerable populations including front line medical and emergency care workers through donations of health and hygiene products including 1 million bars of Protex soap in Thailand, skin care products from EltaMD and PCA Skin in the US, and products to the Red Cross in Southern Europe and other organizations including the Good+ Foundation and NHS. PCA Skin also donated proceeds of its Daily Care Mask sales to assist in the production of Personal Protective Equipment. (PPE). In New York, Colgate has donated health and hygiene products to local hospitals including Memorial Sloan Kettering and Mount Sinai, medical professionals, and nonprofit organizations serving the homeless.  


          Supporting Animal Welfare Partners

          Our Hill's Pet Nutrition team has a strong commitment to animal welfare programs around the world. Hill's Disaster Relief Network in the U.S. has donated 36,000+ pounds of nutritional support to more than 55 organizations including shelters, pet food pantry partners, veterinary hospitals, and other nonprofits that support animal welfare. Hill’s has also partnered with The Association for Animal Welfare Advancement to provide $400,000 in grants to animal shelters impacted by COVID-19. In Italy, Hill’s has donated 2325kg of nutritional support to facilities in the northern Lombardy region. Learn more about the Hill's response to COVID-19 here.

          Supporting Healthcare Professionals and Small Business

          To help aid healthcare professionals on the front lines, Tom's of Maine has donated $60,000 and nearly $500,000 worth of personal care products to Direct Relief, a humanitarian organization providing protective gear and supplies to communities hardest hit by COVID-19. The organization is also supporting 50 small businesses across the U.S. through its #NatureNurtures video experiences to help us all feel more connected, mindful and healthy. Learn more here.

          Launching Global Employee Matching Gifts Program
          to Support Relief

          We’ve launched an employee matching gift campaign for all 34,000 Colgate employees around the world. Colgate is matching $1 million in employee donations, which will go to nonprofit partners supporting those in need, such as WHO, Save the Children and CARE, among others.


          Our Smiles Keeps Us Together

          Our Smiles Keeps Us Together

          Until They Can Show Their Smiles

          Until They Can Show Their Smiles